Welcome to Sawyer's Row

Get to know the rugged Sawyer's of Slabtown!

Sawyer’s Row is a small-batch community—thoughtful and grounded. Refined, but a little rough around the edges. Wood grain details and rusted finishes recall the building’s historic legacy. With modern technology and stylish interiors, this spot provides a comfortable, everyday refuge that is a short bike or streetcar ride from downtown. Sawyer’s Row hearkens back to the scent of fresh-cut pine, to the years impressed in each ring of “slab” wood stacked on the sidewalks that gave Slabtown its name.

This 40-unit LEED Platinum apartment building (pending final certification) is now open! So start looking, start imagining, and see if Slabtown feels like home.

Sawyer Story

In the early 20th century, Slabtown bustled with hardworking immigrant families from Croatia, Ireland and Italy. Residents lived in row houses and worked at nearby canneries, steel foundries, and sawmills. Sawyer’s Row sits on the same site where many such families lived. Its cozy scale and walk-up design recall the property’s roots, while modern, sustainable touches reflect current times.

The local sawmills gave Slabtown its name. Rough-hewn “slab” wood, the rounded edges left over from the milling process,was sold as fuel, and pieces were stacked high on curbs to dry. This tradition created a kind of industrial forest in the neighborhood, with sidewalks framed by long “tunnels” of wood.

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